segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

O novo 4x4 da Renault Koleos...

...é a desculpa para ver uma 4L na lama.

O Making of:

A RENAULT 4L spots publicitários:
Na neve:Em África:
Tive uma Renault 4 L ...
...e também um Citroen Dyane...

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Misty disse...

Howdy...I'm the sideshow freak from Craig's blog! thought I'd jump over and see what's happening in Portugal!!!!

João disse...

Hi Misty thanks for the visit.
The MTBiking in Portugal is doing very well, with lots of events every weekends, some of them with more than 1000 participants.
Did you type Vassago in the blog shearch engine.
All the best,